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Authentic lacquerware used for celebrating New Year’s in Japan

Making traditional items with attention to detail

Have you ever heard of o-toso? As a part of New Year traditions in Japan, families and relatives drink this spiced, medicinal sake in order to ward off evil spirits. There is even special equipment used for serving and drinking o-toso sake. These include the choshi decanter, sakazuki drinking cups, the sakazuki-dai that props the cup, and the toso-dai that holds all these different implements.

Horiuchi Shikkiten sells lacquer tableware used for celebrating the new year according to Japanese customs. These products range from bowls for ozoni rice cake, stacked serving boxes for traditional osechi New Year’s food, and serving sets for the o-toso sake. Each lacquerware piece has a luxurious feel and is made with care, making it perfect for the auspicious nature of New Year’s in Japan. Horiuchi is not only particular about the materials and lacquering, but they also do not skimp on the details such as the metal fittings. One o-toso set takes at least two months to make – because these products are also traditional tools, Horiuchi takes great care in creating every single piece.

In Japan, Echizen lacquerware is among the most beautiful in terms of its lacquer finish. There is no need to polish the lacquer after application – it just needs time to dry so it becomes shiny and glossy. All aspects of lacquerware production can be done in Echizen, from making wooden vessels to executing the chinkin and maki-e lacquer decoration techniques. Some products are made from wood and coated with natural urushi, while others are made of synthetic resins and coated with urethane paint. Also, there are two types of craftsmen: those who make round items such as bowls through woodturning using wood lathes, and those who make square items like stacked serving boxes by utilizing joinery techniques. Just like how both technologies are required to produce the o-toso sake set, Horiuchi Shikkiten will continue to bring together all the skills and techniques in Echizen to create traditional Japanese tableware.

Leveraging local connections to create custom-made products

Specializing in developing and selling products, Horiuchi Shikkiten takes on all kinds of requests because they can offer solutions that bring together the various techniques in the area. One example was a customer who had a worn-out set of stacking containers that were over 100 years old. Deciding it was too difficult to repair, they decided to make a new and identical one, recreating each of the fifteen family crests that were on the boxes. The client ended up being very pleased with the result.

This was possible because of Horiuchi’s deep industry connections, which enabled them to take on the entire process, from creating the wooden base to painting and decorating.
In order to consistently deliver high-quality products, they choose to work with skilled craftsmen that they can work with on a long-term basis, in turn contributing to the future of Echizen lacquerware.

Product Spotlight

O-toso Sake Serving Set

O-toso Sake Serving Set

The traditional Japanese New Year's o-toso sake serving set has been created using Echizen lacquerware techniques. The color of the lacquerware is calm and deep, which is typical of Echizen lacquerware – considered to be among the most beautiful in Japan. The smooth surface of the serving apparatus and its brilliant metal fittings give it an elegant look.

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