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Shiraki-nuri lacquer – showing the texture of wood as it is

Bringing out the natural wood grain through shiraki-nuri lacquerware

Matsuya Shikkiten mainly specializes in square and rectangular-shaped kakumono lacquerware, such as trays and tiered jubako boxes for food that are often used in households. Kakumono is made by joining flat boards of wood together. Usually, lacquerware is finished so the wood grain is covered but their products use shiraki-nuri, a kind of clear coating that shows the grain and original color of the wood.

According to Matsuya Shikkiten, the reason for this was because they had the chance to see the wood before lacquer was applied, realizing it was beautiful. Even back then, they felt that it was a waste that tea utensils were painted completely black, so they decided to develop products that made use of the original texture and color of the material.

Clear shiraki-nuri lacquerware is now their most well-known product. Leveraging the elegant grain of the Japanese ash, the products really shine once the shiraki-nuri is applied, clearly bringing out the natural beauty of the material. The result is a look that is both simple yet upscale, making it perfect for everyday use or special occasions.

In the future, Matsuya Shikkiten hopes to establish a dedicated production team, hiring people who can work as craftsmen during the day and then flourish as individual artists at night.

Making and selling lacquerware, designed to be used for a long time.

Founded in 1905, Matsuya Shikkiten first sold round items such as bowls, but later shifted to square and rectangular items after the technology to make them was introduced to the region.

Today, the company handles everything from the planning to sales of lacquerware for general household use. Each product is carefully crafted down to the exact detail so they can be used for a long time. Their original products use a streamlined design that features straight lines exclusively, with every corner of the item painted in order to prevent damage to the wood.

In addition, Matsuya Shikkiten conducts detailed quality control, working together with skilled craftsmen to carefully select wood with beautiful grain. Wood is difficult to handle and can warp if the conditions are not right. Collaborating with craftsmen is essential to produce durable products with beautiful wood grain.

In order to maintain the quality of their products, they will continue to work together with craftsmen to create products that make use of the know-how they have acquired over the years.

Product Spotlight

Shiraki-nuri 18cm Three-tiered boxes

Shiraki-nuri 18cm Three-tiered boxes

The boxes feature straight lines and proportions calculated to look sleek as well as show off the beauty of the wood grain. Made with meticulously-selected Japanese ash, the entire making process, from the building the wooden structure to the finishing, is done with care. The kumiko joinery used on the edges is not only for strength but also functions as a stylish accent.

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  • Matsuya Shikkiten Co.

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