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Misaki Souya


Combining traditional and original techniques to create something new

Painting not just wood, but all kinds of materials

In this lacquerware production area, Misaki Souya is a workshop that has mastered the art of painting – working with a variety of materials that include wood, plastics, metals, and glass. They have developed an original coating material that is characterized by its hardness and toughness. It is used to completely cover the wood grain, and leaves a finish that is durable and resistant to deterioration.

Depending on the final product, the paints used and their application method differs. Some chemical paints harden at room temperature, while others become stronger and more resistant to peeling when heated to high temperatures. For example, in the case of stainless steel cutlery, since the material is metal and hard, they use a technique that allows the coating material to be “set” at a high temperature. This is done in order to prevent it from peeling off when it is washed. Their special techniques can be used on any object, allowing them to work with different objects such as glass or eyeglasses that always result in high-quality finishes.

Misaki Souya is looking to further develop their own proprietary coating methods, which include their paint for white porcelain, which has high adhesion and is very durable, as well as being able to work with glass, which is a method that combines traditional lacquerware techniques with modern processing techniques. By taking on these new challenges, they are expanding the potential for Echizen lacquerware.

Finding new ways of expression through innovative coating techniques

Misaki Souya has a diverse arsenal of techniques for visual expression. There are ones that do not cover the grain of the wood, instead raising the original pattern to the surface. Some not only add thickness to the form, but also give off a three-dimensional look. Moreover, polishing can also be used to reveal the color of the base coats and bring out more delicate patterns.

Another is a complete original – sangen-nuri – which is a high-quality lacquer that excels at joining wooden pieces together. It is also less likely to peel off than regular lacquers. The deep, red color of the Negoro lacquerware brings out the unique texture of lacquer. Being located in a lacquerware production area has given them the tools to create something unique.

Using different techniques depending on the product required, Misaki Souya readily accepts difficult requests that other workshops would refuse. They are creating new ways for urushi to be expressed by combining the traditional art of lacquering with their own innovative coating techniques.

Product Spotlight

Deep red Negoro lacquerware obon tray

Deep red Negoro lacquerware obon tray

Negoro-nuri is a lacquering technique where the black lacquer is used as the base layer before vermilion lacquer is applied on top of it. Made with urethane lacquer, the beauty of this tray can be seen in how the black peeks through under the vermillion top coat – making it the perfect serving tray.

Company Information

  • Misaki Souya Ltd.
  • Misaki Souya Ltd.


    Yoshiaki Misaki


    10-3 Kanadanichō, Sabae, Fukui 916-1231


    +81 778-65-1652