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Bowls, serving dishes and trays – made with a focus on perfection and quality

New industrial lacquerware based on over 100 years of experience

Since their establishment, Tsubakihara Shikki has accumulated over 100 years of know-how in making Echizen lacquerware. Using this experience, Tsubakihara mainly sells lacquerware for industrial use – specializing in bowls, dishes, and trays. Because of the division of labor in lacquerware production, clients are able to choose the base material, as well as the type of coating and decoration used.

Armed with knowledge of not only traditional urushi products, but also contemporary lacquerware techniques that use synthetic resins and chemical paints, Tsubakihara Shikki is positioned to expand the potential of lacquerware in the Echizen region.

A past commision involved making a traditional obon tray that could be enjoyed in each of the four seasons. After consulting with the client, Tsubakihara proposed incorporating washi paper from Echizen into the product. By placing glass on the tray and inserting it between the two materials, they were able to create something new that showed off the natural patterns of the handmade paper.

Made of wood and carrying a wonderful texture, this product can be used with flat washi, fabric, or even leaves. This idea would not have been possible without their knowledge of Echizen washi. Going forward, they aim to keep proposing new designs that show the diversity of the Echizen region.

Creating high-quality products with care

Not focused on mass-production, Tsubakihara Shikki is committed to producing high-quality and durable products. Their products are carefully designed down to the smallest detail, and are never finished in a rough manner. Because of this dedication to perfection, Tsubakihara carefully selects talented woodworkers, lacquer artisans, and maki-e artists to create their products.

Highly regarded for their flexibility, Tsubakihara Shikki seeks to thoroughly meet the needs of each client, even if the order is for a few pieces only. This is because Tsubakihara’s deep knowledge of lacquerware gives clients peace of mind and is the reason they are chosen.

In the future, they would like to develop products that harness the potential of lacquer in areas other than tableware, such as applying urushi to the doorknobs in houses to convey warmth.

Product Spotlight

A serving tray for enjoying the four seasons

A serving tray for enjoying the four seasons

This is an obon wooden tray that was originally a custom project for a client. The design allows users to freely change the pattern of the tray by inserting washi or fabric. Recommended for restaurants that are particular about their tableware, this tray can be customized to evoke the feeling of the seasons – no matter if it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Company Information

  • Tsubakihara Shikki Ltd.
  • Tsubakihara Shikki Ltd.

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    Hisahiro Tsubakihara


    17-5 Tonokuchichō, Sabae, Fukui 916-1113


    +81 778-65-2601