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Tsuchinao Shikki


A lacquering workshop that is ahead of the curve

Ensuring consistent quality through managing production

Tsuchinao Shikki is a manufacturer of Echizen lacquerware, mainly specializing in bowls and chopsticks. Normally in Echizen lacquerware, the process of applying the lacquer is usually divided into three stages – the base, middle and top coats. However, Tsuchinao does it all in-house. It is rare to find a workshop that performs the entire process, but they are able to maintain consistent quality by doing it internally.

With lacquerware, it is impossible to know how the finished product has turned out until after it dries. Each step affects the finish because the different layers (the base, middle, and top coats) interact with each other to form the final product. For this reason, Tsuchinao trains lacquerware artisans in-house and strictly manages production in order to deliver products of dependable quality to customers.

Constantly innovating new techniques for lacquering, Tsuchinao has recently brought to market a variety of contemporary lacquerware that include tumblers and fountain pens. People from all over Japan go to them for custom lacquering, working with objects such as Zippo lighters, golf driver shafts, and car shift levers.

By taking on the challenge of combining lacquer with a variety of modern, everyday objects, Tsuchinao hopes to create more opportunities for people to experience urushi.

Bringing urushi closer to you, one step at at time

Founded in 1980, Tsuchinao Shikki was originally focused on coating urushi on bowls. Since then, Tsuchinao has been taking on more and more challenges, from applying lacquer to chopsticks and selling objects coated with various lacquers.

Currently, they mainly produce and sell wooden products that have been coated with natural urushi for select shops and department stores. Once a small family-run workshop, it has now become a company with a team of 15 employees – even actively training young craftsmen in order to grow the next generation of lacquerware artisans.

In 2020, Tsuchinao opened their own store, featuring their original lacquerware, chopsticks, tumblers, card cases, and other products. By creating a space that people can easily visit, people near and far have come back again and again to look at their lacquerware and pick items for gifts. Although there are many companies in the Echizen region that produce lacquerware, there are not many places where regular people can directly experience it. With the establishment of this store, the goal is that urushi can be more accessible to many people, bringing positive change to the area.

Product Spotlight

Urushi Mobile Tumbler

Urushi Mobile Tumbler

Developed by Tsuchinao Shikki, this is an original tumbler coated with urushi. Based on the theme of “carrying urushi with you”, this easy-to-use tumbler boasts excellent airtightness and heat insulation qualities. When you touch the tumbler, you can feel the comforting warmth of the urushi on your skin.

Company Information

  • Tsuchinao Shikki Corporation
  • Tsuchinao Shikki Corporation


    Naoto Tsuchida


    214 Nishibukurochō, Sabae, Fukui 916-1221


    +81 778-65-0509