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Strong, wooden lacquerware with a focus on color

Lacquerware that is dishwasher-safe, despite being made of wood

Yamada Sadauemon Shikkiten makes tableware that emphasizes the merits of wood. Using urethane paints, they purposely let the grain of the wood shine through in each product to show that it is made out of wood. The transparent, synthetic coating enables a wide range of expression that is not possible with lacquering. In addition to outsourcing, they also do the painting in-house.

Durability is also an important factor. Yamada Sadauemon’s products are tough enough to be washed in a dishwasher, so it can be used for years in hotels and restaurants. Because the color will not fade even if washed vigorously, they will continue to be just as beautiful as when they were first purchased.

Much thought also went behind deciding what kind of wood to use. Yamada Sadauemon uses wood from the Japanese bigleaf magnolia, which is characterized by its natural green hue. By painting on it, its natural green color takes on a deeper shade, making it a perfect complement for food. Since no piece of wood is exactly the same, each finished product looks slightly different – making every piece original.

In the past, wooden lacquerware was the norm, but products made out of synthetic resin became more popular in modern times. However, wooden products are now attracting attention again. Solid wood is an environmentally-friendly material, and the beauty of the tree’s annual rings allow people to feel the passage of time. This is why Yamada Sadauemon Shikkiten will continue to push forward in making the best wooden lacquerware.

A historic lacquerware wholesaler developing original products

Established in 1856, Yamada Sadauemon Shikkiten is a long-established purveyor of lacquerware that has been in business for over 150 years. The current head, Kazunori Yamada, is the sixth generation owner. Yamada Saduemon used to make kakumon lacquerware (such as stacking storage boxes and trays), but now, they supply lacquerware from Echizen to restaurants and inns across Japan in addition to developing their own products.

About three years ago, they developed wooden lacquerware that was dishwasher-safe. The durability of the tableware rated highly, leading to many orders from hotels and restaurants. As is typical for Japanese tableware, the bowls have a higher base, and its shape and color can be customized to meet the customer's needs. The lineup includes not only round-shaped items such as bowls that are made by woodturning on a lathe, but also kakumono lacquerware that require a high-degree of precision to make.

Yamada himself was particularly skilled at detailed work such as assembling plastic models. Wanting to recreate certain colors, the owner also started painting with urethane as well.

Yamada Sadauemon Shikkiten is dedicated to providing high-quality products without cutting corners.

Product Spotlight

yamasada Salad Bowl

yamasada Salad Bowl

These are salad bowls that emphasize the beauty of the wood grain. The shape and color of the bowls are carefully chosen, such as pairing the bright orange color with a round one, or the sleek grey and black colors with an edgier form. They are also dishwasher-safe and durable, making them suitable for everyday use. Easy to use in your daily life, the bowls go well with salads and also any kind of food, Japanese or Western.

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  • Yamada Sadauemon Shikkiten Co.
  • Yamada Sadauemon Shikkiten Co.


    Kazunori Yamada


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