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Making beautiful and easy-to-use lacquerware for your daily life – that look like a pair of jeans.

Beautiful in appearance, yet casual enough for everyday use

Kinju is a workshop specializing in applying natural urushi lacquer to objects. Their concept is to make "casual lacquerware that are like jeans”. In the past, standard lacquerware was very glossy. However, the general public had the impression that it was hard to care for and difficult to use.

When people choose lacquerware, they do not necessarily look for just beauty or form, but also for ease of use. As a producer of this craft, Kinju was sad that people did not see the appeal of the traditional, shiny lacquer. In response, they decided to create "jeans-like lacquerware", which is a style that gives off the natural wear-and-tear look, similar to how jeans become after much use.

Based on this idea, the “Hake Negoro” and “Hake Akebono” lacquerware products were born. Hake Negoro is made by applying vermilion urushi on top of black urushi, then polishing off a part of the lacquer to reveal the black coating underneath in the form of brush marks. The Hake Akebono is made similarly, only switching it up so the black urushi is the one applied on top of the vermillion. Both are scratch-resistant, subtle, and designed to be easy to use.

Kinju is dedicated to producing Echizen lacquerware that can be a part of daily life, while not compromising on appearance and aesthetics.

Developing lacquerware that combines art and function

Founded in 1856, Kinju started with just one lacquerware craftsman. Five generations later, Atsuo Yamagishi utilized the special characteristics of urushi to create lacquerware that was more artistic. The concept of Kinju – lacquerware that is like jeans – was also inspired by Atsuo.

It was his son, Yoshitsugu Yamagishi, who added practicality to Atsuo's creative style of lacquerware. Standard lacquerware is made of wood, and if it cracks or gets scratched, it can be cleaned up to look new again, but it is impossible to completely repair it in a structural sense. Even if it is repainted, cracks will appear again if it is damaged in the same place. No matter how carefully people use it, eventually there would be no choice but to replace it.

Yoshitsugu Yamagishi invented stainless steel lacquerware for people who want to keep their lacquerware for a lifetime, as it can be used for a long time without breaking down. In fact, stainless steel coated with natural urushi lacquer is rare in Japan, and he is still researching to make it more user-friendly.

Echizen lacquerware, which is often used for industrial purposes, consists of many products that are coated with synthetic coatings such as urethane. However, natural urushi also has its own unique characteristics, such as the use of various painting techniques, antibacterial effects, and changes in appearance over time.

By continuing to develop new products, the goal of Kinju is to let more people know about the advantages of natural urushi lacquer and to realize that using lacquerware can enrich their dining experience.

Product Spotlight

S-Line Hake Akebono Bowls (Set of 3)

S-Line Hake Akebono Bowls (Set of 3)

These three lacquerware bowls are made of vermillion lacquer with brush marks on the surface. Coming in three different sizes, you can choose the bowl according to your cooking and dining needs. They also can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage.

Company Information

  • Kinju Ltd.
  • Kinju Ltd.

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    Yoshitsugu Yamagishi


    29-1-1 Jichūchō, Sabae, Fukui 916-1232


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