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Bringing technological innovation to Echizen lacquerware

Using natural urushi lacquer with microwaves, steam ovens, and dishwashers as well as pioneering IoT food prep systems

Shimomura Shikkiten is taking on the challenge of reinventing lacquerware in a way that has never been done before.

When it comes to using lacquerware, care and maintenance is something that people are usually concerned about. However, Shimomura’s products do not have this problem – they are made of synthetic resins and thus are heat resistant up to about 200°C. Durable and dishwasher safe, they can be used in microwave ovens and steam ovens as well. Shimomura has even created recipes for meals that can be made with the tableware. Also, the warm feeling of the lacquered surface makes them ideal for everyday use.

On top of this, Shimomura has created their own proprietary coating technology to make their tableware compatible with carts that use induction heating (IH), as well as launched the revolutionary "Dish cook System", an IoT-based meal preparation system. This technology enables raw ingredients that are placed in the IH-compatible tableware to be cooked automatically. It is especially useful in hospitals and other facilities because the ingredients can be prepared the day before with the food ready the next morning.

As a leader for the local region, Shimomura Shikkiten continues to push new technologies that have never existed before.

Spanning the traditional to the innovative

Shimomura produces a wide range of products, ranging from the highest-grade wooden lacquerware coated with natural urushi to industrial lacquerware made with synthetic resins. They also handle a lot of the production processes in-house, including that of painting, polishing and decorating the lacquerware.

Traditionally, Echizen lacquerware has been made using wood that is lacquered with natural urushi, but since the post-war period of rapid economic growth, the demand for mass production has increased. Because the original process of lacquering a wooden product takes a long time, the invention of industrial lacquerware emerged as a way to meet rising consumer needs. Shimomura has also continued to pioneer cutting-edge technologies unique to them, such as making heat-resistant and durable tableware and the development of an IoT-based meal preparation system.

Produced by using the combined skills of craftsmen from all over Japan, Shimomura also makes top-class, authentic lacquerware – having the distinction of being given to the President of France as a gift, in addition to being used by the Emperor Emeritus and Empress Emerita of Japan.

By promoting traditional Japanese lacquerware while developing their own unique processes, Shimomura Shikkiten has become a trailblazer in the region and will keep championing new technologies and innovation going forward in the future.

Product Spotlight

DCS Tray Dish Cook System

DCS Tray Dish Cook System

This is a tray designed to be used for specialized food preparation carts powered by induction heating. Freshly prepared meals can be enjoyed by just putting dishes on top of the tray to be heated inside the machine. Non-slip and easy to carry, it is also very durable as it does not warp when exposed to heat.

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  • Shimomura Shikkiten Co.

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