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Enjoy your life, enjoy your dining table

Products that combine traditional craft techniques with urushi

With the concept of “enjoy your life, enjoy your dining table”, Echizen Shikki develops and sells lacquerware – ranging from tableware to other lifestyle objects – that can be found in department stores all across Japan. Some of the products are made of wood, others are made from synthetic resins. Some use natural urushi, while others are coated with urethane. By incorporating all the production techniques of Echizen lacquerware in their products, their goal is to make lacquerware a familiar presence in people’s homes.

One of the things they are focusing on is developing products that incorporate techniques used in other traditional crafts. For example, the "Reishi Glass" is a collaboration with handmade Edo Glass from Tokyo. The top is made of glass with a lacquered wooden base, making it perfect for both Japanese and Western settings. Another example is the “Urushi Pot," a small kyusu teapot that was made in collaboration with Nambu ironware from Iwate Prefecture. Popular for its colourful design and presence, the teapot is easy to use and boasts excellent heat retention properties. There is also the "Urushi Pin", which are lapel pins made with the delicate technique of maki-e (lacquer painting). They were designed to introduce people who are not familiar with lacquerware to this traditional craft.

Echizen Shikki creates contemporary lacquerware that are suitable for daily life or as presents. Many people who see their products say, "I want to give this as a gift" or "I want to take this as a souvenir overseas.” With this in mind, they are looking to develop a wider variety of lacquerware so more people around the world can enjoy them.

Experiencing Japanese culture through lacquerware

Founded in 1938, Echizen Shikki is a company that designs and sells lacquerware. The company also creates patterns for each product in addition to printing them onto the products.

One of their notable achievements is creating the tableware that was used for the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Akihito. For the Heisei accession ceremony in 1989, they produced about 360 sets of the tableware, which included many different kinds of bowls, plates and serving vessels for the main courses and side dishes. In 2019, Echizen Shikki was entrusted again with making tableware – this time providing lacquerware for the Reiwa accession ceremony for the current Emperor Naruhito.

Going forward, the goal of Echizen Shikki is to spread the positive qualities of Japanese culture to people overseas – with the first step to have Japanese restaurants around the world use lacquerware. They believe that lacquer tableware is a good medium for this, as it has warmth, lightness, and durability. For example, opening the lid of these serving vessels reveals the maki-e illustration underneath, which is a very Japanese touch as well. By combining Japanese cuisine with lacquerware, people around the world can learn more about Echizen lacquerware while deeply experiencing the Japanese spirit of “wabi-sabi”.

Product Spotlight

Uruwashi Glass

Uruwashi Glass

This product is a result of a collaboration that integrates both hand-blown Edo glass and Echizen lacquerware. The ephemeral transparency of the glass, which is only possible because it is handmade, gives a sense of depth and charm. Combined with the Echizen lacquerware base, this glass is suitable for both Japanese and Western cuisine. The maki-e design on the bottom of the glass is also a point of interest.

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